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Published on Apr 14, 2015

Stew Webb started his new show, "Stew Webb Raw" today on the Veterans Radio Network. I still can't believe how much has changed in just a few days! Stew talks about some of this in the first 15 minutes and then brings on Dr. Rima for the balance of the show. I'm going to tell everybody what I saw go down now and how I feel about it all!

I've bit my lip for awhile on some of Gordon's comments thinking he would eventually wake up to vaccines and God but here's what happened last Thursday and I'm going to give my opinion.

Gordon gets on with Stew and starts bitching about a 30 second delay that has been in place the entire time and about an echo that was either a mistake on Gene's part or a cyber terror attack. Anyway so I hear him basically say something like "Call me when you take the delay off!" and hang up rudely. Then Stew shows me the Skype message where he tells Stew he's "fired". I confronted Duff about it later and he said that this was "fantasy" and he never fired Stew! I told him this entire thing is a huge mistake and that Gene and Stew said you fired them. I try talking to Mike Harris and others to try to reason with Gordon to fix things but Gordon never called Stew over the weekend. The almighty Duff is never wrong after all so I didn't think he would apologize. Then Gordon apparently began blaming Stew for setting him up with Pete Santilli all those years ago before Santilli came out of the closet as a stooge. This is all total garbage since Santilli infiltrated me, Stew and Jim Fetzer before he showed his true colors

Anyway, this entire episode by Gordon seems really fishy to me. Gordon of course demanded Stew stop using the VT name so Stew is going to change the name of his network when he has money for a new domain.

Here's the bottom line for me on all of this. I like most of the VT writers and even like Gordon but here's what bothers me about Gordon now. It seems he used myself, Stew, Chip and many others to build up the VT name only to act like a child and say Stew was "fired" when he isn't paid! Gordon mocks God and says Jesus isn't real which is a lie and I know this. I let that slide at the time thinking he might come to Christ later but that was my mistake and I apologize for it! Anybody that mocks God is a flat out liar and will pay the price if they don't repent. Next Gordon was lying to everybody and telling them vaccines were good and we were crazy for not giving our kids the vaccines! Again, saying vaccines are okay raised the BS flag with 99% of the youtube audience who were not buying it. Next I come to the fact that Stew has the IPs of all the criminals hacking his site and Gordon promised arrests and NOTHING happened and that has been many months ago! In fact, as soon as this break up happens NSA is all over Stew's site the next day! The next thing that stinks to me is that Gordon Duff has told people he's worth tens of millions of dollars which I don't doubt but he never put ONE PENNY into this fight as far as I know. I do know he never gave a penny to Stew and never gave a penny to buy the hardware and software for the network! I want to know WHY somebody with that much money thinks he's too good to give richly to this fight when the rich people in the American Revolution were giving guns to our soldiers! I am VERY VERY disappointed in Gordon Duff and feel he is almost as fake as Alex Jones at this moment in time. He tells some truth, mixes it with lies (such as his lies about Jesus, Stew and vaccines etc) and then acts as a limited hangout and gets rid of Stew after he built up the VT brand! Seems like an operation of some type to me! He always told us he was there to give everybody their voice even if he didn't agree. Let's not forget he admits he HAS free energy but won't release it either because supposedly it could be weaponized. I'm doubting this now too.
以下はこれの全てについての、私の結論です。私はベテランズ・トゥデーの出筆者達の殆どと、ゴードンに対してでさえに好意的ですが、以下は今、私がゴードンについて不信に思う事です。彼は、私自身、ステュー、チップ、そしてその他多くを、ベテランズ・トゥデーを作り上げるために利用し、ステューは給料さえもらっていないのに、彼は「クビだ」と言い、子供の様に振舞っただけの様です!ゴードンは、神を茶化し、イエスは本物では無いと言い、それは嘘で、私はこれを知っています。当初、私は彼がいずれ、キリストに目覚めるだろうと考え、曖昧にしていたので、それは私の間違いで、それについて私は謝罪します!神を茶化す人は絶対に嘘つきで、もし彼等が悔い改めないなら、彼等はその代償を払うでしょう。次にゴードンはみんなに嘘をつき、彼等にワクチンは善い事で、私達の子供達にワクチンを接種させないのは気違い沙汰だと言いました!再び、ワクチンが OK だと言った事は、疑っているユーチューブの視聴者達の99%に、嘘つきフラッグを立てさせました。次に、私は、ステューが、彼のサイトにハックする犯罪者達の全ての IP アドレスを持っていて、ゴードンは、逮捕する事を約束しましたが、何カ月も過ぎた後、何も起こらなかった事実に気付きました!実際に、この決別が起こると直ぐに、次の日から NSA が、ステューのサイトの至る所に現れました!次に、私にとって生臭いのは、ゴードン・ダフは、彼には数千万ドル財産があると人々に伝え、私は疑いはしませんが、私が知る限り、彼はこの戦いに、1ペニーも使っていません!彼は、1ペニーもステューに与えず、ネットワークのハードウェアとソフトウェアのために、決して1ペニーも出していない事を私は知っています!私が知りたいのは、何故、それ程のお金持ちの人が、アメリカ革命の時には、お金持ちが私達の兵士達に銃を与えていたのに、この戦いは彼の資金を豊富に与えるには値しないと考えるかです。私は、とても、とてもゴードン・ダフに失望していて、そして現時点において、彼は殆どアレックス・ジョーンズと同じ位、偽善者だと感じます。彼は幾らかの真実を伝え、(イエス、ステュー、そしてワクチン等々の様な)嘘と共にミックスして、そしてステューがベテランズ・トゥデーのブランドを創り上げると、リミッティド・ハングアウトとして行動し、ステューのクビを切りました!私には、何らかの作戦の様に見えます!もし、彼が同意しない意見だとしても、人々に声を与えるために、彼は其処にいると、彼は常に、私達に伝えました。彼はフリー・エネルギーを持っていると認めますが、兵器化を危惧するために、解放しない事も忘れないでおきましょう。私はこれについても疑い始めています。

Overall, I look at this entire thing and feel Gordon could have just had some kind of operation going here where he handled some of the biggest and best researchers in the alternative media, hogged a bunch of the airtime, put out some truth such as nuclear 9/11 but was there to make sure no action happened, no arrests happened, Stew never got any justice (Gordon's lawyer who said would help Stew did nothing!) and basically act like Alex Jones 2.0 - all talk no action! That's the way I feel about Gordon Duff now. He's all talk and no action until I see ARRESTS! If he really had the power, we would have already had arrests. I'm supporting Stew and Gene because I know they are real and I KNOW 100% that they have put their LIFE and TREASURE into this fight! When Gordon makes arrests happens and opens his FAT wallet and fixes the issues he created then I'll take him seriously again. Until then he's as fake as Alex Jones. At least Alex spends some of his money in the fight!
全体的に、この出来事の全体を私が見ると、オルタナティヴなメディアにおける最大で最良の研究者達の幾らかをゴードンがハンドルし、放送時間の大部分を占領し、9.11の核攻撃の様な幾らかの真実は出しましたが、何の行動も起こらない事、何の逮捕も起こらない事を確かにするために、何らかの作戦の一種をゴードンが行っていたのかも知れないと感じ、ステューは全く正義が得られず(ステューを助けると言ったゴードンの弁護士は、何もしませんでした!)、そして基本的にアレックス・ジョーンズ2.0の様な役割を果たし - 口先だけで何の行動もありません!私はゴードン・ダフについて、今はそう感じています。私が逮捕を目撃するまで、彼は全て口先だけの行動し無い人です!もし彼が、本当に力を持っていたなら、私達は既に逮捕者達を有していたでしょう。私がステューとジーンをサポートしているのは、私が、彼等は本物だと知っているためで、そして彼等の人生全財産をこの戦いにつぎ込んだ事を、私が100%知っているためです!逮捕が起こる様にゴードンが行動し、ぶ厚い財布を開き、彼が創造した問題を治した時に、私は彼を再び真剣にとりましょう。それまでは、彼はアレックス・ジョーンズと同じ位偽物です。少なくともアレックスは、戦いにおいて、彼のお金の幾らかを使います!

Stew Webb Splits With Gordon Duff and VT! (4-13-15)



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